by Droids Blood

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from Chicago


released August 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Droids Blood Chicago, Illinois

kill the fascists
create a weirdness

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Track Name: ceaucesceau's dream
soon we will obsolete the police
soon we will obsolete the military as we know it
just glittering technorati in a boring fucking building
soon we will implement Ceaucesceau's dream
and there's a pent up cop inside of you waiting to get out. there's a pent up cop in your heart of hearts waiting to enforce the rules. well now's your time to shine.
Track Name: rotary phone
look at yourself
there were kids between us
a santa claus shop, you come and you go
what happened? where does this lead us?
a chance encounter. don't you wanna know?
lying awake at night, in my assisted living home
both wives dead. a rotary phone.
there were kids between us.
aren't you embarrassed?
our skin's like leather. our eyesight, our eyes are shot.
it was 80 years ago. it was a lifetime. is that door - does it have to be shut?
Track Name: to the stumped realitymongers
the heart and soul are just as real as anything - have weight, have mass, have gravity
everything real is so superficial. everything real is search and lose.
i searched the web for incontrovertible proof of concrete truth. just found a bunch of quotes from Nietzsche's syphilitic sponge brain. don't quite do it.
Track Name: droids blood - weapons
they have weapons, they don't want you to know
i'm a rational person, but they target the soul
burn my organs by degrees
they go deeper than the physical body
skin is hot, mind is cold
they have weapons. they target the soul
i'm not dumb. i know what i know.
always watched, but i bare this alone.
they have weapons and they target the soul.